Update: A source close to GamePro has apparently told them that it "would be wrong to think the game wouldn't be released on Sony's console at a later date." Yup, just more fuel to the fire.

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Some rumors just never end. But then again, they never end because tiny pieces of evidence manage to keep all the speculation alive for just a little while longer. And thanks to some very special tech hunting, we seem to have stumbled upon another piece that will keep the Bioshock PS3 rumor afloat.

Typically, this whole thing is making the rounds on the Internet: someone has taken a close look at the configuration file of the PC demo of Bioshock (you would do this to examine the game engine configurations options), and it has turned up the following data listing-


;; Console (XBox360, PS3 ) specific settings

;; StreamingDynamicFloatingLimit:

See, there are a whole lot of separate files that come with the PC demo, and this configuration document is "Program Files/2k Game/Bioshock demo/Content/config.ini," which clearly outlines multiple console settings for both the Xbox 360 and PS3. Now, obviously, this isn't definitive proof that 2K Games will be bringing Bioshock to the PS3, but it's certainly an interesting discovery. And besides, given the huge critical acclaim this game has enjoyed, why wouldn't 2K offer it on the PS3? Perhaps the only question is…when?

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