It's likely the most anticipated title of September, as Ninja Theory's Heavenly Sword has been turning heads for the past several months. The combination of a smokin' hot redhead and spectacular action definitely presents a winning possibility, and it seems that several early critics of the game are very impressed with the final product.

First, this review from NextGenIreland shows a 9.7/10, and in the conclusion, it says-

"Heavenly Sword really is a title which must be played to be believed. Videos have been popping up all over the web but trust us; they cannot do this game justice. The game will have you hooked from beginning to end and that’s a hell of a long time trust us."

But it doesn't end there. Another of Europe's gaming publications have gotten an early review copy of the game, and their review was just recently posted over at MetaCritic. According to Play Magazine, Heavenly Sword is a perfect 100/100, and this snippet from that review is awfully encouraging-

"What MotorStorm has become to racing and Odin Sphere to action role-playing, Heavenly Sword is now to 3D action: Perfection."

Well, we don't really think MotorStorm redefined or advanced the racing genre, but hey, we get what they're saying. Clearly, Heavenly Sword is one game that certainly shouldn't be missed, and when it finally hits store shelves in the U.S. on September 12, gamers should definitely consider a purchase.

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