For the third week straight, the PlayStation 3 manages to
maintain its momentum of selling over 20k units weekly. Though I
predic that next week the PlayStation 3 will finally dip below
the 20k mark, seeing as how sales of the console have been
sliding downward consistently post launch of Hot Shots Golf 5.

Knowing how unpredictable this industry is, I could be wrong with
my assessment, so we'll find out on Thursday night for sure. The
Nintendo DS sold another 147k units. Meanwhile the Nintendo Wii
remains consistent with its 60k+ sales, as does the PSP with its
30k field.

The PlayStation 2 seems to be running out of breath little by
little, selling a paltry 12k units. Furthermore, the Xbox 360
remains on life support with only 2100.

Nintendo DS 147,025
Nintendo Wii 65,120
Sony PSP 32,147
Sony PS3 21,321
Sony PS2 12,545
Xbox 360 2,112

July 30th-Aug. 5th:

Nintendo DS 135,729
Nintendo Wii 61,498
Sony PSP 33,886
Sony PS3 24,289
Sony PS2 12,784
Xbox 360 2,691

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