Your eyes do not deceive you, after much speculation and
rumblings, fueled by a price-drop, the PlayStation 3 has indeed
outsold the Xbox 360 in Canada. Seeing a staggering 130% increase
in sales in the northern region, it looks like Sony's words of
increased sales weren't just hyperbole. The Nintendo DS moved
nearly identical numbers this month, as last.

Meanwhile, the Nintendo Wii saw a decline – whether or not the decline is due to supply constraints is unknown. We're not quite sure what happened to the PSP, but it ended up being the worst selling game unit, falling sharply in sales. Here's how July's hardware sales
looked, followed by June's chart for comparison.

Nintendo DS 45,755

Nintendo Wii 36,419

Sony PS2 20,278

Sony PS3 15,037

Xbox 360 13,119

Nintendo GBA 9,750

Sony PSP 5,825

Nintendo Wii 53k

Nintendo DS 46k

Sony PS2 21k

Sony PSP 18k

Xbox 360 13.5k

Nintendo GBA 8.8k

Sony PS3 6.5k

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