You know what there aren't enough of? Viking games. One of the most physically capable groups in the history of the world should represent a prime foundation for any video game, right? Sega certainly thinks so, as they have officially announced Viking: Battle for Asgard for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Developed by critically acclaimed developer The Creative Assembly, this promising-sounding title puts you in the boots of Skarin, a Viking warrior chosen by the Norse Gods themselves to halt an unspeakable evil. Well, not "unspeakable;" we'll explain a bit: the evil goddess Hel and her army of freaky undead soldiers are running rampant, and if left to fester and invade, this dark army will eventually provoke Ragnarok. In addition to being the name of a legendary blade, in Viking lore, it's an apocalyptic battle that is supposedly destined to end the reign of the Northmen and decimate the Viking kingdom. Heck, it could even destroy the Gods.

We can't wait to hear more details about this one, because we're fully expecting hectic action amongst a zillion enemies (and allies) on screen. That's what Creative Assembly is good at, and if we start hearing promising progress reports, every action aficionado should put this on their "tracked" list. We do know Skarin will have all kinds of abilities, and some of them could make things very messy…dismemberment will be evident in addition to magical powers, for example.

"Skarin is a cutting-edge hero in a fantastic re-imagining of Norse mythology. Skarin is obviously a very dangerous man," said Gary Knight, European marketing director SEGA Europe. "Add in his inner conflict, a confused heritage and a growing distrust of the Gods and you have the makings of gaming's next great hero."

Viking: Battle for Asgard doesn't have a release date just yet, but it should arrive some time next year.

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