Everyone still Folding at Home? Good. But you've got to download Version 1.2 if you want to stay current, and this update is pretty major. The following additions and enhancements have been made to this surprisingly popular scientific research-based program-

That's right, you can now even check your Folding progress with the PSP, and not only that, you can navigate through the program's controls remotely with the little handheld, meaning you can Fold on the go! On the complicated end of things, additional computation cores are now supported, which allows the program to handle a wider range of protein-folding simulations. The Advanced Participation Mode lets Stanford send simulations "of varying computational lengths" to [email protected] PS3 users. These simulations will take a lot longer, though, so be prepared to run the program for at least 8 hours per day.

The Screensaver mode can now be accessed in the Settings menu. After 3 minutes, once no controller input is detected, the screen will go blank except for the [email protected] logo that will move periodically to avoid burn-in. Your PS3 will also consume a little less power with this option. The Link to Project Description is exactly what it sounds like- you can obtain additional information and details about the specific research program you're currently working with. Lastly, there is a distinct visualization improvement that has been enhanced with "shading, highlighting, and focus effects." Four new visualization modes have been added: Tapioca, Caviar, Licorice, and Backbone. Check 'em out!

If you're an avid "Folder," make sure you download Version 1.2 ASAP.

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