In the ongoing saga of the Unreal Engine III woes, long time ally of Epic's, Digital Extreme, has come out on record to state their thoughts on the entire fiasco surrounding Epic's powerhouse engine. To recap, Silicon Knights, the developer behind Microsoft's Too Human, filed a lawsuit against Epic.

Now Steve Sinclair, the director of Dark Sector, says D.E. denied using UEIII because he feared it may create setbacks in development of the game, causing them to miss their targeted release date.

"A lot of promises were made about the Unreal III engine, particularly on PS3," he said. "But as we see now, the time frames haven't been met and now a lot of games using it are being held up." Sinclair says he prefers to stay on track his own release schedule.

The way we look at it is simple; developers have grown increasingly lazier over the past couple of years, and the next-gen is proof of this. Games are running at subpar framerates, while utilizing less-than-stellar graphics. The issue here seems to be more along the lines of developer incompetence and wanting to be spoon-fed, rather than crunching code and doing homework. Look forward to an interview with Epic's very own CEO, Mark Rein, in the near future.

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