Today, Eidos Interactive has announced the next title in the revered Conflict series: Conflict: Denied Ops for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

This is the formal unveiling; the game was earlier uncovered with the working title of Crossfire . This will be the fifth entry in the franchise; it's a "paramilitary themed cooperative FPS," and award-winning developer, Pivotal Games, is at the helm. We expect nothing but good things from this one, especially considering the originality and potentially engrossing gameplay provided by this concept.

"We are taking the Conflict series in a new direction, making it more explosive and mature," said Robert Lindsey, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Eidos Inc. "Conflict: Denied Ops delivers large-scale Hollywood style action sequences in real-world political hot spots, sure to appease fans of the FPS genre."

Conflict: Denied Ops has you control two highly trained – and highly invisible – U.S. government operatives, who never bear any kind of identity: no official papers or documents, no objects, and no clothing that might give them away. What do they do? Well, it's simple, really. They execute orders that may seem ruthless to mere civilians, and they are authorized to do whatever it takes to "dissolve the threat." The key to success will revolve around your ability to utilize two-man tactics, switching seamlessly between your teammates to "lay down covering fire, explore diverging paths, create distractions and pin the enemy under fire."

Pivotal will be showing off their new Puncture Technology, which will give this game a very destructible environment (remember the GeoMod Technology from the first Red Faction game way back in 2001?). Therefore, you'll be able to blast away new paths to flank the enemy, and even create special sniping holes to nail a foe even when behind a wall. This should open up the game rather nicely (no pun intended), and it will certainly make for some very entertaining action.

"Conflict: Denied Ops delivers what people want in an action game," said Matt Gorman, Director of Marketing, Eidos Inc. "It's brutal, explosive, and easy to pick up and play yet still incorporates advanced co-op and environmental tactics."

Currently, Conflict: Denied Ops is scheduled to release some time in Spring 2008.

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