The Games Developers Conference in Leipzig kicks off this week, and more details regarding some of the biggest titles for this year – and next – are hitting the Internet. First up is more Konami info, which of course includes Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots .

We learned earlier that they were planning to unveil a brand new trailer at the event, but we didn't know that Kojima was also prepared to show off "undisclosed in-game themes." We can't be 100% certain as to what this means, but whatever he intends to present is guaranteed to turn heads. After all, this is MGS4 we're talking about, and just about anything will instantly be considered big news…or, at least, significant news.

We can also expect to see the upcoming PlayStation Store game, Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles as well as Silent Hill Origins for the PSP. Supposedly, we'll hear a little something about Silent Hill V , but we have no specifics at this point. All we're really hoping for is a solid platform announcement and estimated release date.

"Leipzig is an incredibly important show for Konami, more so than ever this year," said Martin Schneider, sales and marketing director Germany for Konami. "These are exciting times for Konami's European operations, and the titles and presentations we have on offer showcase this perfectly. With the likes of MGS4 and PES 2008 on display for the first we have two of the most anticipated games on the horizon." (source:

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