Those of you tech guys out there may understand just how big 10 gigs really is…especially when we're only talking about audio. Evidently, Ninja Theory is using that staggering amount of space just for the audio in Heavenly Sword , and it's very possible they – and others – could start using dual layer Blu-Ray discs in the future. Hey, it was tough jamming all that high-quality audio on there, despite the impressive capacity of one of those Blu-discs. So said the developer-

“We use a mixture of compressed and uncompressed, but lots were compressed for the reasons people have stated. Make no doubt, fitting all the audio in and not stuttering and being the the highest quality we could get wasn’t easy, it was quite a problem even with the size of blu-ray. At one point we seriously considered dual layer Blu-ray cos of disk space issues.” (source: Gamers-Creed)

Remember, this is Ninja Theory's first PS3 game, and they're already maxing out the space for sound. Therefore, they honestly believe a dual layer Blu-Ray disc will be essential at some point down the road. It's something that many other developers may have to consider as well, provided others are having the same difficulty when squeezing sound onto the single layer Blu-Ray disc.

“Dual Layer BD is very real, as I said we very nearly became the first PS3 title to use it and this wasn’t just a random thought, it was seriously considered (including our publisher doing costing and manufacturing calculations)," added one of the team's developers.

Well, from what we heard in the demo, the sound is indeed fantastic, from the voice acting to the effects to the soundtrack. So if they have to use 10GB of space for sound that good, we figure it's worth it.

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