Haze developers have already expressed their appreciation of the PlayStation Network's freedom, but during that interview with SPOnG, they also pointed out a couple extra details that are certain to excite gamers.

With so many more people online with their consoles these days, most expect to see a lot more beta tests for unreleased big-name titles. Haze is one of those titles, and in the interview with Free Radical's Derek Littlewood, they asked if we could expect a multiplayer beta at some point.

"We've been discussing multi-player beta, it may just end up being multi-player demo, but we are looking to do a pre-release, a playable version of the multi-player," confirmed Littlewood.

Well, whether it turns out to be a beta or a playable demo, either should satisfy those who are looking forward to Haze . Getting a chance to play such games early is exactly the kind of thing that should enhance the "hype factor," and Free Radical is aware of that. Furthermore, once the game releases, the developers are definitely looking into the possibility of additional downloadable content in the future. Again, it's the advent of this online-heavy new generation that causes such options to arise so frequently.

"We're in the process of hammering out the details of DLC (DownLoadable Content) at the moment," said Littlewood. "We are looking to support the game with additional stuff, especially for the multi-player stuff. We haven't defined precisely what it's going to be, but you can expect additional maps, potentially things like vehicles and weapons. But we're still looking at it."

Haze is exclusive to the PS3 this fall, and you can expect all the best coverage from PSXE up until its release.

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