Sony has revealed their lineup for the Leipzig Games
Convention, and the list of games is quite nice. While most of
the software we've already played at E3 last month, Sony has
added some new content for the show in Germany. WipeOut HD will
be playable for the first time ever, as will an all new ATV game
for the PlayStation 3.

But the biggest news of all is that Gran
Turismo 5 Prologue will be on display, and it'll surely round up
quite a bit of attention. And no, Time Crisis 4 is not a mistake
– it will be displayed at Sony's booth.

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3)

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)

Time Crisis 4 (PS3)

Folklore (PS3)

ATV Off-Road Fury 4 (PS2)

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz (PS2)

God of War: Chains of Olympus (PSP)

Heavenly Sword (PS3)

Singstar (PS3)

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (PS3)

Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice 2 (PSP, PS2)

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow (PSP)

WipEout HD (PS3)

Lair (PS3)

Eye of Judgment (PS3)

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