Warhawk is one of the most anticipated games of the month, and if Sony can swing it, UK gamers might also see it in August. If not, it will fall into the second week of September, but now, the big question is: how much will it cost across the pond?

Well, according to the Sony semi-official blog ThreeSpeech, you can expect a price tag of £39.99 for the retail Blu-Ray version that comes bundled with a Jabra bluetooth headset. As for the downloadable version, you'll be looking at the decent price of £19.99, which isn't a bad deal when compared to the $29.99 U.S. cost. However, there still appears to be some discrepancy over the actual release dates of both versions…

We heard last week that Warhawk is scheduled to release on September 12 in Europe, but the team was still gunning for a simultaneous US/UK release on August 28. But here, we see nearly a one-month difference between the Euro downloadable and Blu-Ray versions: Three-Speech says the former will be available on August 28 on the PlayStation Store, and the latter won't arrive until September 21. Umm…okay.

Let's just say, to avoid any possible mistakes, that both versions of Warhawk should hit Europe between August 28 and September 21. There, that ought to cover all the bases.

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