This won't come as any surprise to those who have played the game, but Tecmo has just announced – via press release – that they currently have about 500,000 copies of Ninja Gaiden Sigma in circulation worldwide. This is all the more impressive due to the obvious fact the game has only been out a couple of months.

In case you lived in a cave and didn't know, Sigma features updated graphics, additional weapons and enemies, and a new playable character in the buxom Rachel. Fans of the game can expect three sets of upcoming downloadable content, too; the first of which will arrive in the U.S. on September 6. The whole set is dubbed "Survival Mode" and each will add another gameplay section to the challenging new mode. The first set of content will cost $3, and you can likely expect the same price for the last two sets as well.

But anyway, half a million copies floating around the world is nothing but good news for both Tecmo and those who love action games. As of now, Ninja Gaiden Sigma remains one of the best titles on the PS3 to date, and we can probably expect many more sales this holiday season.

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