We all know that the U.S. and Japan tends to get games before Europe, and nobody knows this better than Euro gamers. While we've had U.S. release dates for the following exclusive PS3 titles, we could only guess as to the European/PAL release dates. Well, no longer. According to Gamers-Creed, these first-party games have official release dates for Europe:

As you can see, several of these games are scheduled to arrive in Europe only one week after the U.S. release. You may have noticed that Warhawk will hit on September 12, which is a couple weeks after the U.S. date of August 28. Now, a few days ago, Dylan Jobe said they were going for a simltaneous release in the U.S. and UK…perhaps they're just a little off.

Anyway, now Euro gamers can plan their holiday season accordingly. You know what you want and when you want it!

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