We know Konami is preparing a beta test for Metal Gear Online , but we have no idea when this testing may arrive. However, according to some recent evidence, it appears it may have already started over in Japan.

According to German gaming site Gamefront.de, a rough translation of a small news article includes the headline, "Metal Gear on-line download immediately possible." The details are as follows-

"16.08.07 – Konami published the beta version of on-line play Metal Gear on-line one in Japan, which can be downloaded by the beta testers immediately. This concerns a closed beta test, which runs up to 03.09.07."

But that isn't the only piece of evidence online today. The second comes in the form of a very obvious picture from that same site, one that clearly shows a tag under the XMB bar for Metal Gear Online beta. So for many, that might clinch the deal. We still have no official word from Konami, though, and even if it is true, we can't be sure when it will come to the U.S. Let's hope it's soon!

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