Much has been made about the comparison between Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, and most will agree that Live is the more complete service. However, Sony continues to make updates and upgrades to the Network, and it has made significant strides in 2007 alone. Furthermore, it appears another major addition may be just around the corner…

During a recent demo of Unreal Tournament 3 that was displayed at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival 2007, attendees noticed something peculiar: a "Gamer Card" option in one of the menus. Clearly, this hints at the possibility of some kind of player identification system, which would be very similar to Xbox Live's Gamertag. In response to this, Epic's Mark Rein simply said, "oops, you shouldn't have seen that."

On top of this, Joystiq reports that a member of the Evil Avatar forums posted another image of the mysterious "gamer card" option, supposedly taken from PlayStation Home. Well…what's the deal? Has this sweet update to the Network been leaked ahead of time? It seems this is the case, but of course, nothing is official until Sony confirms it. Let's just say that, at this point, it seems very plausible to expect Sony's own version of the Gamertag in the near future.

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