This year is loaded with big-time releases, but too many people are overlooking one potentially massive title. It's the next installment in the long-running and legendary Need for Speed series, and it's the first to be exclusively designed using next-generation hardware. It's Need for Speed ProStreet , and this one will focus on in-depth tuning, enhanced AI, and even a real-time damage model that is bound to add a whole new dimension to the racing experience.

The cars are key, though, and EA has revealed several of the cars to IGN. This freshly announced batch is only one of several updates; they will arrive imminently down the road. But for now, let's check out the newest set of bad-ass vehicles for ProStreet :

These cars are dreams for tuner nuts, and that'll be a major aspect of this game. Tearing down the crowded streets of ProStreet should prove to be a dangerous and invigorating experience, especially with cars like these. We'll let you know when more cars are unveiled…

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