For the most part, European gamers generally have to wait a bit longer for many titles. This is the kind of thing that annoys the snot out of our UK friends, but we've got some good news for y'all across the pond- Sony isn't about to leave you hanging with Warhawk .

Yesterday, we pointed you in the direction of that massive Warhawk FAQ over at the official PlayStation blog, which was posted by Game Director Dylan Jobe. However, he has added one very important announcement further down the page amongst the many responses-

"I want to let you all know that our SCEE team is working very, very hard on getting the game ready. And I want to assure all of our UK players that we *do* care very much about shipping Warhawk simultaneously with the US version and that is still our goal."

Now, we assume he's talking about both versions (the retail Blu-Ray and the Store downloadable) for the UK; both versions are launching simultaneously here in the U.S., after all. It's scheduled to arrive on August 28, so cross your fingers, Euro gamers!

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