A nasty rumor has been circulating concerning the PS3 version of the upcoming FPS, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare , but Infinity Ward has had enough of the speculation and hearsay.

Perhaps fueled by this week's Madden NFL 08 release, which runs at 60fps on the Xbox 360 but can only manage 30fps on the PS3, gamers around the Internet somehow began to believe the same fate might befall CoD4. Furthermore, there were apparently some low-resolution PS3 pics of the game at this year's E3, which sparked even more debate. Well, the developers have two very firm and specific responses to all this; the first of which was posted over at the NeoGAF forms by one of the game's creators:

"Same level of AA between 360/PS3, both @ 60fps," he said. "Hate on the PS3 all you want guys, but we've done did it up right for the Sony lovers. I'm not sure whats up with what you guys might have seen at E3, but we do have AA on the PS3."

The second response was provided over at the official Call of Duty 4 website , CharlieOscarDelta-

"Guys, I have been seeing lots of folks talking about how they are going to be getting the shaft on PS3. Once and for all, let me say, CoD4 on the PS3 is going to KICK BUTTOCKS," said another CoD4 developer. "We have had some of the most talented developers in the world working on the PS3 version since day one. Before they had anything to work with with CoD4, they were taking CoD2 and bringing it over to the PS3. This gave them a massive understanding of how the PS3 hardware works (and only took them a few months). As soon as CoD4 was ready to be under full development, that team began optimizing the game for the PS3."

That's pretty clear, isn't it? Don't you fret, PS3 owners; just because EA couldn't come through with their big multiplat doesn't mean Infinity Ward won't. They're right on track!

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