In a couple weeks time, we will all have the chance to take to the dangerous skies of Warhawk . If you were involved in the beta testing, you already know how wildly entertaining this game will be, but you probably still have a few questions. In an effort to answer those questions, Game Director Dylan Jobe posted a huge FAQ over at the official PlayStation blog .

He talks about everything from the headset to numerous offline and online multiplayer issues; it's a veritable wealth of information. You'll notice that the headset being bundled with the retail version of the game isn't a limited-time promotion, and the title supports split-screen multiplayer for up to four players. Furthermore, he lists out the top 100 beta testers – they received some cool bonus goodies – and confirms that all the maps can handle up to 32 players. And perhaps most importantly, Jobe clarifies that any crashing problems with the beta have been completely fixed, and they wouldn't have shipped it if it were still "crashy."

Warhawk is gonna be the biggest online game for the PS3 to date, and if you didn't play the beta, you're in for a treat. It's all about fast-action from the ground to the air, and it never lets up! We can't wait!

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