Update: We figured this couldn't be entirely correct. While the PS3 version of Fatal Inertia does appear to be back on track, there will be no demo on the PlayStation Store. The demo is only for the Xbox Live Marketplace at this time. We'll let you know when/if Koei decides to let PS3 users in on the fun…

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Okay, what the heck is going on here?

The Fatal Inertia saga is a roller-coaster ride for PS3 owners, especially after Koei contacted us about their difficulties with the Unreal 3 engine (to which Epic's Mark Rein and Midway had some choice replies). See, at that time, the PS3 version of the game was delayed indefinitely, and the news even started to circulate that the version was actually canceled. The futuristic racer started as a PS3 exclusive way back when, ironically enough, but somehow, everything is back on track for a multiplatform release (source: PS3Fanboy).

Perhaps they settled their development issues with the PS3, although they haven't specified. But we do know a demo is actually hitting the PlayStation Store today (or maybe Thursday), and that's something that came right out of the blue. You'll need to have a European Store account, but it's worth it to create, just to see how this game has been progressing. We can't even imagine all the changes that have been going on over at Koei for such drastic updates to take place all at once, but hey, Fatal Inertia is back for the PS3! We really shouldn't complain.

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