At Sony's Pre-E3 conference today, company CEO Ken Kutaragi unveiled the final PlayStation 3 controller design.

The previously shown "boomerang" design has been tossed out, in favor of the traditional Dual Shock footprint currently used by the PlayStation 2.

During the conference, Kutaragi held up a controller prototype, painted in silver, which was used to interact with a pair of interactive demos.

The controller uses wireless technology, which allows as many as eight controllers to be used with a single console. A USB port on the controller allows the unit to be recharged when attached to the console.

President of Sony Studios World Wide, Phil Harrison, demonstrated the use of the controller with a demo of Warhawk 3 for the PlayStation 3, and in the process revealed that the controller will utilize motion sensitivity… similar to what Nintendo is planning with its Wii console's "revmote". As Harrison tilted and moved the controller, the aircraft on-screen pitched and yawed in tandem with his movements.


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