Everyone should be able to enjoy the masterpiece that will very likely be Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots . To insure that happens, enter the MGS 4 Platform , which will allow gamers in other countries to enjoy the game's story in their native language.

According to the site, the last two installments in the fabled franchise ( Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater ) "lacked the dubbings into German, French, Spanish, and Italian" when they arrived in PAL territories. Obviously, this means many gamers wouldn't have been able to fully appreciate the fantastic plot and storylines in those titles, but that's gonna change with MGS 4. Kojima says it's the last of the series, and for that reason, MGS 4 Platform wants to let you hear it in all its glory…and so you can understand it.

"For that matter we have created this platform with the intention of having Metal Gear Solid 4 come to Europe with a dubbing worthy of its class and performed by the same actors that made the work on the first game. We want to enjoy this briliant work in our language for one last time."

It's slightly broken English, but you get the idea. There's no doubt that MGS 4 will be a worldwide phenomenon when it finally launches in 2008, but now, most everyone will be able to have the same experience. Sounds good to us.

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