This is one of those things that just confuses the heck out of us – and others – but it still makes for interesting news.

Ubisoft hasn't had the best things to say about Sony's next-gen console, and while other publishers and developers are praising the PS3's potential, Ubisoft doesn't even agree with that, apparently. First, they claimed their upcoming Naruto: Rise of the Ninja game was "too complex" for either the Wii or PS3, and next, they said the Xbox 360 exclusive, Splinter Cell: Conviction , wouldn't even be possible on the PS3 because the game was built for the 360 from the ground up. But now, one developer has expanded on that situation.

During an interview with GamePlayer, an Ubisoft developer flat-out said the PS3 can't handle artificial intelligence as well as the 360:

"It’s NEVER gonna come out on the PS3 or the Wii," he said. "It’s a logical decision. Nintendo’s console simply doesn’t have the graphical horsepower, and…the PS3 can’t handle AI nearly as well as the 360."

So, something like Naruto , which has never been what we'd call a graphical powerhouse, is just too "detailed" to be on either the PS3 or Xbox 360, and the PS3 just can't handle AI as well as the 360? Hmm…well, perhaps it's true, perhaps it's not. We're wondering what other developers have to say about this statement, actually. In the meantime, the one thing that does seem clear is that Splinter Cell: Conviction will most certainly remain exclusive to the Xbox 360. Well, all the more reason for MGS 4 to remain exclusive to the PS3, right?

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