We've already seen several classic PS1 games on the PlayStation Store, for download and play on the either the PS3 or PSP. But there were many such titles, and everyone is wondering just how many of them will end up on the Store. Ideally, we'd end up with all the best and most memorable games from that era…and how could that be complete without Wipeout XL ?

Arguably the best entry in the series and certainly one of the most impressive and accomplished titles of the generation, it would be a fantastic addition to the Store. And according to Siliconera, the ESRB now has a rating for Wipeout XL as a PS3/PSP game. Now, unless Sony has plans to issue a remake of the game for both platforms – which isn't about to happen – this should mean we'll see the classic futuristic racer available for download on the North American Store!

We'll let you know if and when this gets confirmed, and when you can expect to see it arrive online.

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