Folklore is one of those games currently flying beneath the radar of more recognizable titles, but that doesn't mean it doesn't hold a huge amount of promise. The PS3 exclusive is slated to arrive some time this fall, and you can visit the upcoming site (looks pretty sweet, even if there isn't anything there just yet) here . But what if you could be a part of the development process? How does that sound?

According to a PlayStation Underground e-mail, you can enter a contest that will allow you to create your own Folk. And if it's selected as the winner, it will appear in the game! See, Folklore is a fantasy action/adventure game that allows the player to adopt and utilize the skills of fallen enemies. Their abilities become your weapons, and you can build a pretty impressive arsenal; there are to be over 100 different Folk in the game. And if you're creative enough, a creature of your own imagination will see the spotlight.

These are the official rules , but here's a brief overview: first of all, you must be a U.S. resident, be a member of the PlayStation Underground, and the deadline is August 31. Your "Folk" will have a special ability, and your submission needs to include an illustration of the creature, a description of your Folk's abilities, and another description of the attack the main character obtains upon defeating your creature. The winning creature will get into the game, and four runners-up will receive a free copy of Folklore .

It's the Create-a-Creature Contest, so get moving!

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