A few days back we reported on Kazunori Yamauchi's in-depth interview with Famitsu, as he discussed the features gamers will be able to find in both Gran Turismo Prologue, and the final Gran Turismo 5. Many have wondered why no publication has asked Yamauchi about Gran Turismo for the PSP, until now. Apparently an overseas magazine called "Best Car" (I've never heard of it, personally), asked Yamauchi about the status of the PSP's Gran Turismo. The answer was that we'd see it when Gran Turismo 5 is done – and Yamauchi hopes to have GT5 released in July 2008 for Japan.

So what can we gather from that? We can probably expect to see first screenshots of the game early next year, which also indicates that the game has been in development for an extremely long time. We're assuming that resources and labor has been heavily focused on bringing GT5 together, which put a much smaller emphasis on the development of GT for the PSP, leaving it to simmer on the backburner.

With work on Gran Turismo 5 approaching completion, Gran Turismo mobile may finally be seeing a dedicated team working behind it, and we'll likely see the game's release next holiday of 2008. Lastly, Yamauchi has also expressed interest in creating a Formula One game.

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