It's not set for release in the U.S. until September 12, but rumor has it that Play magazine has already written their review of Heavenly Sword . This flashy action title garnered plenty of attention at E3, and the hype hit its peak with the release of the playable demo a few weeks ago. Everyone is hoping for an awesome production…and if this report is to be believed, we'll get it.

According to the buzz zinging around video game forums online (it seems the original forum was GameFaqs), Play has rewarded Heavenly Sword with a perfect 10/10. Of course, this is one publication that has been known to sprinkle the "10"s about quite liberally, so perhaps it doesn't mean much, but it's still a damn good sign. Several quotes from the article – again, provided they're real – are as follows-

"The perfect action game in every way and quite possibly the most cinematic game ever created."

"Some might call it short…I would disagree."

"If you posses mad fighting skills prepare to be spoiled like Paris Hilton at her sweet sixteen."

Well, it certainly sounds fantastic. We'd like to be able to confirm this, but as it stands, it does appear very possible that all this is genuine. When Heavenly Sword lands in September, we'll be sure to find out for ourselves.

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