It's quite possibly the single biggest ongoing rumor in the industry: a Final Fantasy VII remake for the PS3. Of course, while fans of the Squaresoft role-playing classic are both numerous and vocal, Square-Enix has said countless times they have no plans to undertake such a project. It comes around almost like clockwork; the rumor gains steam due to "he-said, she-said" speculation, then Square-Enix stands up and shoots it down.

But if you want to be one of those vocal fans, you need to check out this petition . It's very straightforward; they're asking for a remake of Final Fantasy VII , and while it may fall on deaf ears, it already has close to 14,000 signatures. Ever since they showed off that FF VII tech demo on the PS3 some time ago, die-hard fans of the game have been hoping against hope to see their favorite title re-made with next-gen visuals. Square-Enix has been clear about how difficult this would be, but they always say they "listen to their fans."

Well, if they're going to listen, we may as well say something. This petition was bound to happen, and there are only two questions that need answering: how many signatures will it get, and will it have any impact?

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