It appeared to be a bit of bad news for PS3 owners, but as it turns out, it was nothing more than a miscommunication.

Early reports said a Midway press release had listed the Xbox 360 and PC versions of Stranglehold with its previously confirmed August 27 release, but the PS3 version didn't have a date. This caused a major stir amongst gamers yesterday, but while there was some truth to the report, it only concerns the European PS3 version of the game. A comment from Midway posted at the NeoGAF forums is as follows-

"I can confirm that Stranglehold is shipping on 8/27 for X360 and PC and 9/17 for PS3 here in the U.S."

1Up has also confirmed that the dates remain intact for all North American versions of Stranglehold , which should let all PS3 gamers heave a sigh of relief. Granted, we still have to wait an extra few weeks, but at least it's not delayed beyond that.

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