Well, the rumor picked up in intensity this morning, and of course, this most recent announcement will only add even more momentum to the rampant speculation.

For now, this atmospheric FPS does remain exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC, and there has been nothing official saying Bioshock would arrive on the PS3. But as you can see, it might actually arrive for Sony's next-gen system, although we'd have to wait until Spring of 2008. According to Kotaku, 2K Games has revealed a new trailer will hit Spike TV this Sunday, August 12, at 9 p.m. Eastern time…but that's not the big news. No, it's something else-

"…the trailer debut will close with a surprise announcement by Game Head's Geoff Keighley. You won't want to miss this!"

Great. Any "surprise announcements" about this game will instantly turn some heads, and PS3 owners are all hoping for the same announcement. Bring it to the PS3, 2K!

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