Something big may be brewing in the undercurrents of the videogame business world. A giant rumor is gaining steam, and it involves Sony and the controversial – yet extraordinarily popular – developer, Rockstar.

According to a number of sources (including PSU), industry insiders have heard that Sony is prepared to "take Rockstar under their wing." We have no idea who said it, or what exactly it means, but more elaboration comes from a supposed discussion after a joint Sony/Activision press event in Southern California. Apparently, "various sources in the press and development team" have hinted at Sony's interest in possibly acquiring Rockstar. Or, it may not involve actual "acquiring," but perhaps a long-term exclusive deal between the GTA creators and Sony.

No deal that pops up now will influence Grand Theft Auto IV , of course (at least, we highly doubt it), but there have been rumors regarding Rockstar-developed PS3 titles in the future. One of these is the highly anticipated L.A. Noire , which was revealed with only the "PS3" tag in a recent software lineup unveiling. Could all this be pointing to something even bigger on the horizon…? We'll be looking for answers on this issue over the next few days, but for now, this news is destined to be super-hot amongst gamers.

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