We learned about the upcoming downloadable content for Ninja Gaiden Sigma a little while ago, but now we have a concrete date for you: the first of the three batches of extra content will hit the PlayStation Store on September 13.

This one is called "Weapon Master," and it includes five survival modes where you can only use a limited amount of weaponry from your inventory. The purpose of this mode is to have the player master each weapon by dispatching as many enemies as you can before dying. Obviously, this sounds like a mode that would appeal primarily to the hardcore, but then again, a lot about Sigma appeals to that dedicated gamer group.

The second download, which we don't yet have a date for, will be "Speed Master," which is just what it sounds like- you have to defeat your enemies as quickly as humanly possible. Here, we get another five survival modes, and in each, the time and power gauges are limited. The third download is called "Rachel Master," and clearly, you're supposed to eliminate foe upon foe using Rachel, in your quest to become the "World's #1 Fiend Hunter." When they announce release dates for these last two packages, we'll be sure to let you know. Until then, prepare to download and survive with "Weapon Master" on September 13!

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