Well, this isn't the news PS3 owners wanted to hear, but at least it's not catastrophic. Midway's Stranglehold is rapidly becoming one of the most talked-about titles of this new generation, but the PS3 version has apparently hit a snag in development. It was already a couple weeks behind the Xbox 360 and PC versions (released date for the latter is August 27; date for PS3 was September 17), but now, it appears even September 17 is no longer confirmed.

The publisher sent out a press release that included the exact release dates for Stranglehold , and while the August 27 date was very clear, there was no date for the PS3 version…not even September 17. Evidently, European gaming website PS3Only contacted Midway about this, and received a response that said the PS3 version has been delayed for "an unknown time." It will still "definitely be out this year," but it won't make that September release.

We'll try to get more details and further confirmation ourselves, but at this time, this is nothing more than bad news for PS3 owners. On the bright side, at least the version isn't canceled.

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