Amongst all the great FPSs on tap for this holiday season, don't forget about TimeShift , which is shaping up very nicely. The game that relies on altering time for the player's benefit – blended within a traditional FPS format – has finally received a concrete release date for the Xbox 360 and PC, and an estimated release for the PS3.

Sierra has announced that Saber Interactive's highly anticipated title will ship for the Xbox 360 and PC on October 30, but PS3 owners will have to wait until December for their version. That's okay, though, as the game wasn't initially confirmed for the PS3, and the simple fact there is such a version on the way is good news. We don't have many details (was the game designed with the 360 architecture in mind?) but we're hoping to see very similar versions across all three platforms…or perhaps even a slightly better version for the PS3, just 'cuz we have to wait longer.

We hope to bring you more information concerning TimeShift as the months go on, and we certainly urge you to keep an eye on it. This one has massive potential.

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