Now this is what we like to see: a good old-fashioned battle between two kings of a genre. Granted, it may not be the biggest game category on earth, but hey, those music/rhythm/dance titles sell extraordinarily well. And this fall, fans will either have to shell out a lot of cash, or make a choice- Guitar Hero III or Rock Band .

Obviously, both games are primed to deliver fantastic experiences, but that doesn't mean the competitive spirit is dead. According to Kotaku, Activision's Will Kassoy was the first to step forward and deliver an analysis of the competition-

"I think some of the early signs we've seen might make [Rock Band] a little more complex than some of the things that make Guitar Hero so great, which is its accessibility and ease of play for everyone…[and] If you go beyond the game industry to just really mass market consumers, people haven't heard about Rock Band yet and the fact that it's only on next-generation platforms is going to be a little bit limiting."

This may appear to be nothing more than simple marketing and promotion, but he makes valid points. On top of which, that much-ballyhooed $199.99 price tag for the full Rock Band package is already making some consumers balk…even though the price hasn't even been confirmed. But as the months wear on, it becomes very clear that the Guitar Hero III vs. Rock Band war is guaranteed to heat up. Will there be a clear winner, or will both titles rack up the sales…?

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