So when we found out that Warhawk would be using dedicated servers for the most efficient and fastest online experience, we had no idea that the stacks of servers would be actual PlayStation 3's. It's no secret that the machine is a monstrous powerhouse with fantastic server capabilities. But to actually use the system to support a mainstream game that will have hundreds of thousands logged in simultaneously is a pretty full-scale approach. What's more is that Warhawk is also online globally, and not solely region based.

On the PlayStation Blog, Director of Warhawk, Dylan Jobe, talks about the server clusters. "If you haven’t heard, Warhawk is a fast game, a very fast game, so we wanted to ensure you had the best chance of finding servers with good ping times. We also wanted to make sure people could host *and* play on their own servers. After all, why should you have to connect to a server a gazillion hops away when you know that there are Warhawk servers running in your state or city? Possibly on your same ISP? Maybe even friends in your neighborhood or buddies in your dorm?"

"In addition to players being able to host their own servers, 32-player “dedicated” servers for your clan practices or 24-player “player” servers, SONY has made a great commitment to all of our Warhawk players by staging Warhawk Server clusters similar to this one all over the world."

Sounds like a pretty robust setup Sony's got going on for the game. Don't forget kids, Warhawk will be here in just three short weeks. This is one of the premier multiplayer game that you've been waiting for; not just for the PlayStation 3, but across all consoles.

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