Ever since David Jaffe formed his new studio, Eat Sleep Play, we've been hoping to hear more about their future projects. We've heard of the PSP-to-PS2 port of Twisted Metal: Head-On but what about the team's other games currently in the works? Well, in a recent interview with GamePro, Jaffe confirmed his independent studio of 20 employees is working on three PS3 exclusives!

These are three original titles, and the first of which is already in development. Jaffe wouldn't get into specifics, but he did drop some interesting hints-

"I can't disclose themes, but the new game is medium to hardcore in terms of game play and will focus heavily on multiplayer," said Jaffe. "I am more excited about this game than anything I have ever worked on. I cannot wait to unveil it.

Yeah, we can't wait for the unveiling, either. It appears the three new games will either be standard Blu-Ray disc or downloadable Network titles, depending on Sony's input. The first of these currently unknown games is slated to be announced some time next year, but we'll certainly try to track down a few more details before then. Anybody who has his hands in the likes of God of War and Twisted Metal is bound to create something special, right?

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