Japan used to get all the games before the U.S. because…well, Japan used to make the vast majority of all the games. But while those days are long gone, we still have to wait for certain titles; titles that are generally far more popular over there.

One of Japan's most popular gaming magazines, Dengeki HP, has graded several highly anticipated games, and one of them is Everybody's Golf 5 , which U.S. gamers recognize as Hot Shots Golf 5 . The publication uses four editors to award scores of up to 100, and the next entry in this legendary golf series scored a 100, 90, 100, and 95. That's pretty damn impressive, and it's on par with the high praise Famitsu has already heaped upon the game.

Dengeki HP also reviewed a couple potentially big PSP titles: Nippon Ichi's Dragoneer's Aria and Sony's Wild Arms: Crossfire . The former landed an 80, 80, 75, and 60, while the latter fared a bit better with an 85, 85, 75, and 90. So while U.S. gamers may have to wait longer for these games, at least we know they're definitely worthy of a look.

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