The pricing saga of Rock Band continues, and the latest buzz centers on the guitar accessory for the game. Joystiq has uncovered a few interesting facts: first, there is a $20 difference between the wired and wireless guitar for for the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band . Secondly, and most importantly, the bundles GameStop and are currently offering have the same price tag ($199.99), but the PS3 version features the wireless guitar. The Xbox 360 version only includes the wired one.

RedOctane hasn't provided anything official regarding this issue, but at this time, it's certainly a bizarre situation. Currently, the bundles at both GameStop and Amazon are labeled very clearly, and if you want the wireless guitar for the same price, you'll have to go for the PS3 version. But at the same time, that $199.99 price tag hasn't really been confirmed, either; we've been waiting on official prices for both the bundle and individual pieces. This is just another question that needs answering, but for now, the PS3 bundle of Rock Band is the slightly better deal.

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