Okay, Twisted Metal fans, you absolutely must see this latest post by David Jaffe over at Twisted Metal Alliance . As you can see – and as you probably already knew – Jaffe's new studio (Eat, Sleep, Play) is preparing a documentary on the long-running series for the upcoming port of Twisted Metal: Head On for the PS2. But you didn't know this-

"…the reason I am writing is because we would love for some of ya’ll to be part of the documentary. Below you’ll find 5 questions. If you are interested and have the means, we would love it if you would video tape yourself answering the questions. Go with the best quality camera you have and then upload the video to a password protected area of Youtube. We will pick the best answers and comments,etc. and then- if you are selected- contact you in hopes of getting you to sign some image release forms as well as give you an address to send the tape. We’ll send your tape back and we’ll also send you a free copy of the game."

Talk about player involvement! All you need to do is slap your video up on YouTube, and you could be starring in the next Twisted Metal ! Just make sure to restrict your answers to about "30-75 seconds," and if you're well-spoken and succinct, you've got a shot at being chosen. Well? What are you waiting for? And as for us, we can't wait to hear more about Head-On and any other future projects from Eat, Sleep, Play.

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