Everyone wondered just how well the new 80GB PS3 would fare, especially with the $599 price tag plus the $100 cheaper 60GB model still on the market. Well, at least in the realm of online sales, the latest PS3 version seems to be off to a flying start.

Circuit City online (Circuitcity.com) began selling the new 80GB PS3 this past Saturday, and as of now, they are currently sold out. The bundle, which includes the console plus a copy of Motorstorm , is evidently appealing to plenty of online shoppers, even though there is a cheaper option still out there. And Circuit City isn't the only online retailer to see increased PS3 sales with the emergence of the 80GB model.

Upon its debut, sales have increased over at Amazon.com as well; the bundle officially became available today. Sales have ramped up quite a bit: the product is up 133% to fall in at the #121 rank, which marks a steep rise from #349 prior to the 80GB PS3's release. All in all, these first sales reports are awfully encouraging, and it bodes well for the future when the 60GB model disappears.

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