European gamers were plenty upset they didn't receive the PS3 60GB price drop of $100, but in exchange, Sony offered them the Starter Pack, which released in the UK on July 18 for £425. This bundle includes the 60GB PS3, two games, and two controllers; the games could be any two from the European launch lineup, but the most popular are Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm .

However, while it was believed this promotion would endure for a while, it appears we're getting conflicting reports. Gamasutra questions how much longer the Starter Pack will actually be available in the UK and other PAL territories; GameSpot Australia has already reported that the Pack would disappear after August 31. Furthermore, Sony has apparently sent e-mails to gamers saying it was merely a "summer promotion." But at the same time, an SCEE spokesperson said to Gamasutra-

"As far as the UK and Europe are concerned there is no time limit on the availability of the Starter Pack."

So we're not quite sure what the deal is, here, but perhaps we'll get some clarification at this month's Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. Sony's David Reeve has said earlier to expect "fireworks" at the event, so maybe Starter Pack news is part of that extravaganza. Either way, we hope to receive some real answers for all you PAL gamers before the month is out.

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