Tony Hawk is like the John Madden of the extreme sports world: when it comes to video games, his name will always be a staple of the industry. And the latest title with Hawk's name on it is slated to arrive later on this year, but it seems we'll get a little taste before its release.

According to a translation by PS3Fanboy, PlayFrance has announced that Activision is preparing a playable demo for Tony Hawk's Proving Ground , which should hit the PlayStation Store "a little before Thanksgiving." The site was saying this demo was for the North American Store, which is more good news (no creating alternate accounts to play this demo). We hate to throw a Thanksgiving pun out there so early, but skate fans should indeed be "thankful" for this turkey-day gift.

We've heard good things about Proving Ground , but Hawk's games tend to have another thing in common with the latest Madden titles…they're slipping a bit. Many critics will say the best installments in both series are more than a few years ago, so hopefully, the developers will find a way to refresh and revamp both fabled franchises. We'll get a chance to see their progress on the next Tony Hawk in November, though, so keep those fingers crossed!

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