The 80GB PS3 should be hitting the U.S. this month, but up until now, we hadn't heard if the new model would also begin to replace the 20GB and 60GB versions in Japan. It's not a confirmation, but industry analysts are predicting a similar move in the country of the Rising Sun.

According to MCV, Enterbrain's chief marketing analyst Mitsunobu Uwatoko has said that Japanese gamers should expect both a price drop for the older versions and the arrival of the new 80GB PS3…at some point. "It’s like the time has come,” said Uwatoko. “In Japan too, PS3’s HDD will perhaps be much bigger. And nobody thinks that the 60GB or the 20GB will last much longer.”

We don't know if they would decide to introduce that same 80GB PS3 Motorstorm bundle in Japan, but it seems more and more likely that the region will certainly see the new model soon. While PS3 sales are far ahead of the Xbox 360 over there, Sony's next-gen console still remains well behind the Nintendo Wii, and price is definitely a factor. We'll let you know if and when Sony decides to confirm this analyst prediction.

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