PC gaming may not be as big as it used to be, but it's never a good idea to completely disregard the past…especially when it comes to a franchise that initially made its mark on the PC.

The standard control scheme for the PC is the traditional keyboard/mouse combo, while consoles utilize analog sticks on the handheld controller. When it comes to FPSs that will release on both PC and console – like Unreal Tournament 3 – debates tend to run rampant. But hey, why not present gamers with a choice? According to a recent post over at the official UT3 forums, Epic's Mark Rein has confirmed that there will indeed be keyboard/mouse support for the PS3 version. This means that even the most die-hard supporters of either the analog or keyboard/mouse interaction style should be satisfied.

Rein has said the keyboard/mouse feature will be implemented in a balanced way that won't feel "gimped." But of course, all this begs the question- will we be seeing PS3-PC cross-platform play, despite all evidence and statements to the contrary? Well, perhaps it's a possibility, but it seems we'll have to wait on the answer…

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