Update: Okay, we got called on it. Technically, Wolfenstein 3D isn't really the first FPS in video game history; that honor should probably go to the arcade version of Atari's Battlezone . Roger Avary himself was good enough to contact us and gives us that tidbit of old-school info. Apparently, this guy is a lifelong gamer!

Original Story

Many consider Wolfenstein 3D to be the very first first-person shooter in video game history, and while the series hasn't had too many installments since, last generation's Return to Castle Wolfenstein was excellent. And now, after previously only being confirmed for the Xbox 360 and PC, the next Wolfenstein project has also been announced for the PS3.

Code-named "Castle Wolfenstein" and developed by Raven Software, the announcement came courtesy of iD Software CEO, Todd Hollenshead, at the recent QuakeCon event. This is very good news for FPS fans and PS3 owners, because the more you hear about this title, the bigger it will get. Furthermore, we've learned a "Castle Wolfenstein" movie is in the works, and screenwriter Roger Avary – he wrote the script for "Silent Hill" and co-wrote "Pulp Fiction" – has signed on.

All good news…we think. Movies based on video games seem cursed, but even so, it's great to know the next Wolfenstein will indeed be on the PS3.

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