Gran Turismo has long remained my all-time favorite videogame franchise, ever since the PlayStation days. So every time tidbits on GT5 come out, it makes me feel that much more complete as a human being. Kazunori Yamauchi (creator/producer of GT) spoke to Famitsu recently in regards to what we can expect from the upcoming Gran Turismo Prologue.

First off, Polyphony is looking to release the game on 10/24/07 to coincide with this year's Tokyo Motor Show, yes the Motor Show. Additionally, he says that they'll be announcing some new online features for Prologue, and allowing attendees to play it at Leipzeig.

Following the release of Prologue, GTHD Concept will then be removed from the PlayStation Store. Unlike past Prologue releases, this new Prologue will not be like an arcade mode, but more of a lite-sim mode, a very simplified version of Gran Turismo Mode, so you can still buy cars, make money, and upgrade.

GT5 will feature a "World", where you can walk around a town and look at people's cars. Sounds like a mixture of Home with Gran Turismo. And speaking of Home, both Prologue and GT5 will be compatible with it. As mentioned before, there will be 40 cars, and 4 race tracks. We're not quite sure what they mean by 8 different configurations for the tracks, but I assume it's just being allowed to play the track in reverse. There will be never before seen tracks included.

Downloadable content will not occur immediately, but Kaz says it will come later on. You can use the d-pad on your steering wheels to look around the cockpit if you're racing in the cockpit view. Likewise, Kaz states the interior detail will be so precise that you can tell the quality between Ferrari leather and someone else. Furthermore, interiors will be customizable, and depending on what car you drive, your clothing will be different.

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