Ninja Gaiden Sigma is certainly one of the best games on the PS3, and by now, fans have probably already finished their top-notch action adventure. But have no fear, Tecmo is preparing several expansion packs for this stellar title, and they should begin to arrive on a timely basis from now through October.

The Japanese site Impress Watch outlines the packs: the first will include a survival mode where you simply attempt to kill off as many foes as possible with limited health. This bonus content will cost 315 yen (about $3). The second expansion adds a time attack mode, and the third will let you try the latter mode with Rachel and her new costume. No exact dates are announced for these, and the last two have no price tag yet (although you could probably guess they'll cost the same as the first). But even without that info, expansion packs for Ninja Gaiden Sigma remain a very, very good thing.

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